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Gojek enhanced support during Circuit Breaker period

Since 7 April, Singapore’s circuit breaker measures, the most stringent set of measures aimed at tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, have come into effect. Gojek understands that this will further impact driver-partners who rely on their platform for earnings. They have reached out to many of the drivers and heard their feedback. Do be assured that your well-being continues to be Gojek's utmost priority and they remain committed to getting through these challenging times with you. 

With the enhanced safe distancing measures put in place, the overall demand for ride-hailing will inevitably reduce. As a result, Gojek's current incentive schemes - where incentives are tied to a target number of completed trips - are no longer the best way for Gojek to provide you with competitive and sustainable earnings. 

In line with your feedback and after careful analysis, Gojek will be putting our current incentive schemes on hold from 10 April and implementing a series of circuit breaker support measures to more effectively safeguard your livelihoods. 

These measures will increase your take-home earnings on every trip, with no additional requirements from you.

Gojek circuit breaker service fee rebates

1. Up to 100% service fee rebates (10 April — 4 May)

From 10 April 1 AM to 5 May 1 AM, all driver-partners will receive up to 100% service fee rebates, with no minimum trip or performance requirements. You will be charged a 20% service fee upfront and will get the service fee rebate paid out every following Tuesday into your Earnings Wallet.


Total fares = $100

Service fee = $20 (20% x $100)

If you are a Gold tier member, you will receive service fee rebates of $16 (80% x $20).

Note: Driver-partners without a tier status will automatically receive service fee rebates of 60%.
Note: Driver-partners without a tier status will automatically receive service fee rebates of 60%.

GoalBetter tier protection

To better support you, Gojek have protected the current GoalBetter status for all driver-partners this program cycle (30 March—28 June), and have rewarded those who upgraded their tier status. 


  • This means all Platinum members in Q1 will retain their Platinum status in Q2 even if they did not meet the qualification criteria. 

  • For Green, Bronze, Silver, and Gold members in Q1 who have driven more to unlock a new status, Gojek will honor the status upgrade in Q2.

Driver-partners on GoFleet will receive 100% service fee rebates, with no tier or trip requirements.

2. Reduced criteria for GCF weekly payout (6 April—30 May)

From 6 April to 30 May, Gojek will relax the trip requirement for Gojek Care Fund’s weekly payouts, from 50 to 35 weekly trips. This will provide you with a more attainable target to hit during this period, and will take effect starting this week, 6 April 2020.

Note: Min. performance requirement remains at 80% weekly average
Note: Min. performance requirement remains at 80% weekly average

For more on GCF, refer here

Gojek recognizes that it’s been a difficult period for you with these strengthened measures to keep everyone safe. For example, some of you might be wondering where you can have your meals between trips. Our advice, as per guidelines from the authorities, is to have them at home or in your vehicle. Gojek has also partnered with various food establishments to offer you exclusive discounts on takeaway meals. More details will be shared soon.