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GoalBetter 2.0: Enhanced benefits for you & your family

Dear driver-partners,

Thank you for riding out these challenging times with us. As part of our commitment to your well-being in every season, we have made enhancements to our GoalBetter driver benefits program – coming soon on 29 June 2020. ALL driver-partners will be eligible for this revamped driver benefits program, comprising new benefits designed with you in mind, on top of all existing benefits you can enjoy for lower everyday costs. What to expect

  • Better earnings from weekly loyalty rebates and additional fuel rebates

  • Better healthcare protection for both you AND your family

How to enjoy benefits Fuel rebates & healthcare protection To enjoy these benefits, you must have a Gojek Esso Fuel Card. If you do not have a Gojek Esso Fuel Card, you must complete the opt-in form which will be sent to your Gojek-registered email on Monday, 29 June. Weekly loyalty rebates All driver-partners automatically qualify – no action is required.

Tier protection To further safeguard your livelihood, driver-partners in the previous Q2 cycle of GoalBetter (30 Mar - 28 Jun) will also be tier protected for the Q3 cycle. We have simplified the tiering system from the previous 5 tiers to 4 tiers. No tier? Not to worry All driver-partners without a GoalBetter tier will automatically qualify for the Classic tier. If you’re a driver-partner on GoFleet, you will automatically be upgraded to the Premium tier! Here are the new tiers that will take effect from 29 June: 

Better earnings 


Loyalty rebates To increase your take-home earnings, all driver-partners will enjoy weekly loyalty rebates (wef 29 June, 1AM). All you need to do is meet the following requirements:

  • Weekly trip targets by GoalBetter tier 

  • Weekly average performance of 80%

All driver-partners on GoFleet will automatically enjoy an additional 8% of loyalty rebates under Premium tier and above. 🔎 Full details on GoFleet incentives here. How this works The 20% service fee will be applied upfront and you will get the service fee rebate paid out every following Tuesday into your Earnings Wallet. Example:  Mr Tan is an Elite tier member and rents a car with GoFleet. Last week, he completed 130 trips with an average weekly performance of 85%. 

He qualifies for the service fee rebates of 22% based on his tier, along with an additional 8% from renting with GoFleet. Total gross fares: $1,500 Service fees: 20% x $1,500 = $300  Mr Tan will receive service fee rebates of (22% + 8%) x $300 = $90. We will continue to review our schemes while closely monitoring market conditions and your needs in this climate. Where required, we may adjust and include new incentive schemes to safeguard your earnings and protect your livelihood. Fuel rebates In GoalBetter 2.0, every driver-partner will now receive additional Gojek fuel rebates of up to 10% to help defray your operational costs:

Better protection Family matters, and we heard your feedback to extend healthcare benefits to your loved ones too. In GoalBetter 2.0, your family members will also get to enjoy healthcare benefits under Gigacover Essentials.  For all driver-partners:

  • Subsidized consultation fees at clinics

  • Subsidized rates for GP drugs, TCM and dental 

  • 1 complimentary annual health screening [COMING SOON]

  • Complimentary $1,000 Critical Illness coverage [COMING SOON]

For family (at least 2 members):

  • Subsidized consultation fees at clinics

  • Subsidized rates for GP drugs, TCM and dental 

  • 1 complimentary annual health screening [COMING SOON]

FAQ for Gigacover Essentials here. Thank you for your continued support and commitment towards Gojek. We look forward to serving you better and meeting your needs with these enhancements.  🔎 Access full details of all GoalBetter benefits at Stay tuned for the official launch on Monday, 29 June!  FAQs Q: How do I know which tier I belong to? A: All driver-partners will be notified of their GoalBetter tiers via your Gojek-registered email on 29 June 2020. Driver-partners in GoalBetter Q2 2020 Cycle will retain their equivalent tier in GoalBetter 2.0 (Q3 2020 Cycle), where they will enjoy the same (if not higher!) fuel rebates. We want to appreciate our driver-partners for their efforts and safeguard their earnings as we emerge stronger from the pandemic. Q: When will I receive the payout for this loyalty rebate? A: The 20% service fee will be applied upfront. You will then receive the service fee rebate for Monday, 1AM to the following Monday, 12:59AM, paid out every following Tuesday into your Earnings Wallet.  Q: Do GoFleet driver-partners enjoy additional benefits? A: Yes! New GoFleet driver-partners will start from the Premium tier instead of Classic tier - which means all GoFleet driver-partners will receive a minimum of up to 4% additional Gojek fuel rebates even as a new driver-partner, as well as an additional 8% for loyalty rebates.  Q: What happened to the previous incentive schemes? A: With safe distancing measures still in effect, we expect a slow and steady recovery in ride-hailing demand. As a result, our previous incentive schemes — Points incentives, Flash incentives, MWE, GoFleet incentives, as well as Taxi incentives — are no longer the best way for us to provide you with competitive and sustainable earnings.  Since 10 April, all previous incentive schemes have been put on hold. GoFleet incentives have also been paused since 6 April this year. In place of those, we have implemented a series of COVID-19 support measures, including service fee rebates, to more effectively safeguard your livelihoods.  We will continue to review our schemes while closely monitoring market conditions and your