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Changes to T1 & T2 pick-up/ drop-off points

In view of the suspension of operations at Changi Airport Terminal 2 from 1 May 2020 as well as enhancements of safe distancing measures at Jewel, there will be revisions made to pick-up and drop-off points at both Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). - Terminal 1 (From 29 April 2020) T1 Basement pick-up points will be closed till further notice. The new pick-up points from Jewel and T1 Arrival are: - Jewel L2 Drop-off – 7 - Jewel L2 Drop-off – 8 There are no changes to T1 drop-off points. - Terminal 2 (From 1 May 2020) Both T2 pick-up & drop-off points will be shifted to T2 Coach Bays 7-12.


Source: Gojek


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