GoalBetter rewards is a program designed to give driver-partner perks for driving with Gojek. The rewards are intended to help driver-partner with everything from day-to-day costs to earnings protection and healthcare benefits.

How to join

To participate, driver-partner must:

Reside in Singapore

Meet all eligible requirements to be a driver-partner of Gojek

Have an active Gojek driver-partner account

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Have opted in for GoalBetter during your onboarding process

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What are the tiers and how do qualify for them?

To qualify for the following tiers, driver-partners need to collect the number of trips within a fixed 3-month trip accumulation period. Benefits will be rewarded in the program period. The higher the tiers you have achieved, the more rewards you will be entitled to.

GoalBetter Rewards

Program period

Accumulate trips during the Trip Accumulation Period and enjoy the benefits in the Program Period. 


fuel rebates

Enjoy up to 33.4% fuel discount.

telco perks

Enjoy discounts on your mobile plans.

medical Benefits

Enjoy Doctor Anywhere medical consultations.

earnings protection

Be covered for rainy days with Gigacover.

exclusive privilege

Be entitled to special support and events.



Stand to enjoy higher fuel rebates of up to 33.4% that will help to reduce your day-to-day driving cost.


Enjoy telco discounts on your mobile plan and usages.



Be entitled to Doctor Anywhere medical consultation wherever you are that will be fully subsidized by Gojek.


Have your earnings protected even when you fall sick with Gigacover from Gojek.



Be entitled to special support and events by Gojek.


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